What to know

Enjoy family yoga and see how well your little one can do downward dog (or maybe just learn how to sit still😜)!

Yoga Heights DC

Yoga Heights offers yoga, pilates and nutrition to create balanced wellness for every body, at every level and every budget.  They seek to empower the community to live with balance, confidence, jubilance, kindness and gratitude.  Yoga Heights is committed to working with you to ensure that health and wellness fit your schedule, your lifestyle and your goals.



What parents are saying

“Before Yoga Heights, I had casually gone to yoga – maybe 5 times a year – and always looked at it as just a good workout. Yoga Heights changed my perception of the practice as a whole. My body changed and my awareness of my body changed and I am grateful to Yoga Heights for that!”

What kids are saying

Kids love family yoga and exploring creative ways to cultivate connection and awareness.

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