What to know

All JumpIt Pass bookings include admission, a lamb bottle, budgie stick (for feeding parakeets) and a feed cup for the petting zoo and safari!

Roer’s Zoofari

Formerly named the Reston Zoo, Roer’s Zoofari is 30 acres offers wonderful hands-on experiences and an opportunity for people of all ages to discover and connect with animals and the environment.  Attractions at the zoo include: Zoofari Wagon Ride, Petting Barn, Reptile House, Budgiery Adventure Aviary, and Carousel Rides:

  • Zoofari Wagon Ride: narrated tour through a free roaming safari. Feed and learn about animals such as antelope, zebra, buffalo, watusi, ostrich and camels.
  • Petting Barn: children can feed and pet animals that include sheep, goats, pigs, llamas and rabbits. Little lambs, goats and piglets can be bottle fed.
  • Reptile House: visitors will see snakes, frogs, turtles, baby alligators and more.
  • Budgiery Adventure Aviary: visitors can feed colorful birds as they land on their feed stick or perch on their hand.
  • Carousel rides will be coming soon!


What parents are saying

The zoo is clean, organized, unique and fun for all ages!

What kids are saying

A favorite is the "safari" where people sit in a pulled tractor and drive around an open area with roaming animals.

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