What to know

Peace of Pottery is a spacious and beautiful refuge where you can create, connect with family and friends and use your imagination.

Peace of Pottery

Peace of Pottery is where you can find your peace of mind, dig deep and unleash your creativity.  They aim to be a positive part of the community by being involved in schools, day cares and other civic organizations.  Peace of Pottery is a place where the community, friends and families can connect and enjoy creating something together.  It’s for all ages and abilities.  Stop by and paint something beautiful.  Who wants “good” china when you and your kids can paint your own?


What parents are saying

The pieces are adorable--- Princesses, Knights, Dragons, Monkeys, Panda Bears, Lions, Pegasus, Unicorns, Penguins and more!

What kids are saying

The people who work here are super nice and it's so clean!

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