What to know

They offer a wide range of programs including: summer camps, clinics, classes, after school care, and more.

More Than Cheer

More Than Cheer brings a fresh perspective to Cheerleading & Gymnastics. They not only focus on the athletic ability of their athletes, they focus on helping them become the next generation of community leaders! They focus on building self confidence, self esteem, empathy, kindness, perseverance, responsibility, and more.


What parents are saying

"I love that MTC inspires students to become leaders in the community. Not every girl who attends MTC will end up being a pro cheerleader, but every girl who attends MTC will know what it takes to lead." -Gina L.

What kids are saying

"MTC has impacted my life by making me more confident, a stronger person, and a stronger leader!" -Kylie

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