What to know

Each Fit Mama Training Camp wraps up with a potluck luncheon to celebrate all your hard work!

Mix Fitness

If improved movement and getting pain-free is your goal, it’s time to work with Mix Fitness! They specialize in training new moms and correcting faulty alignment.

Mix Fitness was founded in 2009 by Sara Lewis.  After working in large gyms for a number of years, Sara spread her wings and began in-home personal training.  She loves working with clients who have limited mobility, unexplained aches and pains, and new moms.  Sara believes the right exercises can help restore function, posture, and health.


What parents are saying

Mix Fitness can reduce your baby bulge so you don’t look 3 months pregnant when you’re really 9 months post partum!

What kids are saying

Working out with mom is so much fun!!!

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