What to know

Things to bring: Water and clothing that is comfortable to run around in.

Love The Ball Soccer Academy

The top players in the world don’t just play soccer, they feel it, live it and love it.  At LTB, a program from England, coaches provide a fun yet informative learning environment where children can build confidence and belief in what they can do but most of all enjoy it, smile and Love the Ball.

Weather Policy: Session is cancelled in heavy rain, soaking fields or thunder & lightening. 1 make up session at the end of the program will be added on in case of cancellation. 


What parents are saying

"My son has been in love with soccer since he was able to walk, always kicking a ball around and wearing soccer jerseys, complete with shin 'gardens'. My son has learned sportsmanship, developed his ball control skills and athleticism, and further deepened his love of soccer through Love the Ball."

What kids are saying

Little ones love the fantasy based sessions! In each class, players have their own ball while pretending to be pirates, cars, superheroes or animals. Sessions will end with a scrimmage or PK shoot outs against the parents. 

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