What to know

Parking can be a bit tricky for Levine First in Rockville. Please park on Tuckerman Lane or in the Metro Lot (not the Strathmore Mansion).

Levine School of Music

Discover the joys of making music with Levine Music (The Levine School of Music or Levine First)! The instructors are first class, the offerings are vast and they have 3 incredible locations- MD, DC and VA.

Children and adults find lifelong inspiration and joy through learning, performing, listening to, and participating with others in music.


What parents are saying

Did you know Levine was founded in 1976 by Selma M. Levine, a prominent Washington attorney and an amateur pianist? She took particular delight in encouraging young musicians. Levine has grown into one of the country's leading community music schools.

What kids are saying

Music classes taught in Spanish are so much fun!

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