What to know

Capoeira angola will expose your kids to a very rich culture that includes martial arts, dance, music, portuguese, playfulness, comradeship, and much more.

International Capoeira Angola Foundation (FICA DC)

Capoeira Angola is an Afro-Brazilian martial art that combines acrobatics, fighting, music, history and philosophy. Enslaved Africans brought the movements of Capoeira Angola to Brazil, disguising the martial elements of Capoeira Angola by adding music and singing. After the abolition of slavery, Capoeira Angola continued to develop as an instrument of freedom and resistance. Today, Capoeira Angola groups flourish across Brazil and around the world.


What parents are saying

Capoeira satisfies much of our personality: sociable and playful, athletic/physical, artistic—dance and craft, musical—rhythm and song, and even spiritual.

What kids are saying

We are stronger and more flexible!

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