What to know

The drama kids final production allows all children to participate in a play and parents love coming to see their kids in action!

Drama Kids (Windmill Community Center)

The Drama Kids program provides a rich, high-quality dramatic arts curriculum for children. They offer programs for children of all ages and experience levels. Unlike most other drama programs where children simply memorize and recite lines for a performance, the Drama Kids program utilizes fun, creative, and interactive activities that focus on the child rather than a character, to improve communication skills and build confidence and self-esteem.  At Drama Kids, students will get the chance to learn and hone skills as well as perform in an end-of-year play complete with scripts, sets, and costumes!


What parents are saying

Kids gain confidence and public speaking skills to last a lifetime.

What kids are saying

Kids love the acting exercises like pretending that we are robots. Fun!

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