What to know

Instructor Lara Deni has been a professional adjudicator for youth Tap, Jazz and Ballet dance competitions.

Deni Danzco Dance Studio

Deni Danzco Dance Studio offers private and group lessons in West Coast Swing, Salsa, Country, Latin, East Coast Swing and Ballroom. They have teaching tools and techniques that help students quickly understand how to move as a dancer, gain an immediate feeling of accomplishment and shorten your learning time. Through their teaching, students will learn how common body movements, transfer of energy, foot positions, and connection is made with just an everyday walk. Using their techniques will help individuals quickly being dancing, feeling confident and smooth on the dance floor.  Come see how to create dance through movement, momentum and balance and how Dance helps in all aspects of life!


What parents are saying

"Lara is a talented, caring, and experienced teacher who truly knows how to improve your dancing at any level. She is truly dedicated to each and every student and she makes dancing fun!!! She won't fail you! Five stars! "

What kids are saying

Kids love the group swing classes!

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