What to know

A joyful and attitude free environment makes both parents and children easily at home in this studio.


Dansez! Dansez! offers classes to all ages and levels in ballet, jazz, Haitian-caribbean folklore, hip-hop, ballroom, improvisation, tap, creative movement, zumba, cardio dance, Brazilian samba, modern, Mummy & Me, kizomba, zouk, and komba.  Their multi-dimensional program not only enriches students’ cultural awareness but also enables them to develop grace, poise, agility, self-assurance, and discipline; just to name a few of the many benefits of dance, both physical and aesthetic.


What parents are saying

Instructors provide highly personalized attention to students no matter what age or experience level.

What kids are saying

Kids get to be creative and learn both about dance and dance culture in a way that isn't boring.

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