What to know

Children as young as three learn to measure, mix, and roll. They host awesome birthday parties too!


Since 2009, Cookology has touched the lives of thousands of people in NoVa.  The goal is simply to inspire people to connect with friends and family over a great meal.  They teach folks to do this everyday by offering professionally taught, hands-on cooking classes in safe commercial kitchens.  Cookology believes that everyone, with a little practice, can make healthy, delicious meals.  They get inspiration from the latest trends in food and wine to bring truly entertaining classes that fit your budget and encourage you to cook, eat and enjoy fantastic food!





What parents are saying

The Mommy/Daddy and Me classes are a great way to spend quality time with your child and introduce them to cooking and eating in an exciting and interactive way!

What kids are saying

Kids love working with professional chefs to learn culinary techniques hands-on: knife skills, sauteeing, grilling, boiling, braising, baking, and more, all while exploring new world cuisines, healthy menus, and seasonal dishes!

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