What to know

Location can be tricky! Look for a hidden rd between the Bethesda Crescent Trail bridge & Whole Foods (in the same lot as a storage facility).

Center For Music

The Center is based upon a belief that building the love of music and making music are the magical keys to opening one’s heart and mind. The Music Center offers age-appropriate classes, each incorporating the philosophies, methods, and pedagogies of Suzuki, Dalcroze, Orff, Kodaly and Gordon all together in a holistic mind-body-spirit approach using the curriculums and programs of Music Together® for ages 0-4 years, Kindermusik® for ages3-7 years and Musikgarten® and Suzuki for ages 7+ years.

Coming soon to the Center— singing classes for kids of all ages!


What parents are saying

Our kids in this music class are always the first to sing and dance unreservedly!

What kids are saying

The babies and kids absolutely love the experience of interacting with the other little ones, dancing with their parent, grandparent or caregiver, playing on the gathering drums and just everything about their very own music class!

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