What to know

All players learn to cope with success and failure, to be humble in victory, proud in defeat, and to understand that competition prepares them for many of life challenges.

Brit-Am Soccer

Brit-Am Soccer Academy is a British/American company with a passion for soccer.  It was established in 1999 and has been running the Tots Program for 15 years.  Brit-Am has grown into the leading provider of soccer classes in Maryland for children aged 2-8.  Their professionally trained and highly motivated staff are able to provide children with games and activities that will stimulate both their mental and physical growth while teaching the rules of the great game of soccer.


What parents are saying

Parents rave about Brit-Am's amazing coaches. They have patience and enthusiasm and kid often count down the days from one class to the next.

What kids are saying

Kids wish they had soccer practice everyday!

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