What to know

Children who study languages are generally more imaginative, better abstract thinkers, and more flexible in their thought processes.

Berlitz Language Learning

The Berlitz slogan: Enrich your experiences.  Enrich your life.  Childhood is the easiest time to learn a foreign language.  Children naturally immerse themselves in the new language.  The earlier they start to learn, the more likely they are to speak without an accent.  With Berlitz, kids and teens can have fun, too.  Berlitz offers several options for your child to learn a new language.  All are taught by highly trained, native-fluent speakers who are experienced with and enjoy teaching young people.  Programs group children of similar ages, who learn while playing and participating in other activities.  Options range from kids & teens camps and after-school programs to personalized private tutoring.

Just a few languages you might be interested in learning at Berlitz: French, Spanish, Mandarin, English, Korean, Arabic, German, Italian, Hindi, Japanese, Russian, Cantonese and Portuguese.


What parents are saying

"Before I started at Berlitz, I was unsure about having my daughter do individual lessons because she was only 7 and I wanted her learning experience to be fun and not seem like work. We are now in our second year and I could not be happier with Berlitz!"

What kids are saying

Kids love the online language learning led by a live instructor!

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