What to know

“The "Jamz" part of the name is no misnomer - funky beats provide the perfect musical backdrop to make adults and kids alike feel like an artist.


ArtJamz is dedicated to making the world a more creative place.  They do this by producing authentic social painting experiences, hiring local artists and enabling customers to create jamming works of original art.

The unique freestyle approach and social art studio and lounge setting enable the creation of awesome original art.  In a freestyle session, ArtJamz supplies everything you need to create an original artwork and art-trained “Creative Enablers” are on hand to provide tips, guidance and encouragement.


What parents are saying

Parents love to ignite the creative side of their children and this is the perfect space to make that happen!

What kids are saying

Birthday parties at ArtJamz are fun for boys, girls and kids of all ages!

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